ZAIRA'S ARTHOUSE, founded by Zaira Hunjan, brings together celebrated artists who channel their creativity through their art and chosen mediums.

Building a platform for Artists which they can use to share their personal journeys has always been a dream of Zaira's. 

In creating this gallery our Artists can continue to concentrate on producing great artworks, which have a lasting impression.

The energy they produce through their pieces creates a unique experience, which then invites the viewer to observe and become a part of the journey. Taking a piece home with you allows the energy to live on and flourish in the new environment.

Our artists are selected organically, which allows the important partnerships to grow, be carefully maintained and also develop with time.

This gallery continues to capture an audience that is diverse and inspirational, also reflected by the artists it represents. Each artist brings a new following which in turn builds and grows their fellow artists and the ZAIRA'S ARTHOUSE community.

A Heart for Business

Sharing and giving back is something which is important to ZAIRA'S ARTHOUSE.

Having each artist choose a specific charity where a contribution from each sale is given, allows the art to go further and have an even more powerful impact.

Whether it be in an art form or a donation, paying it forward signifies compassion and kindness, which is close to our hearts.