MIRANDA BENZIES 'London Face' from...

MIRANDA BENZIES 'London Face' from...

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"Miranda’s fascination with objects and the world around them became the central theme of the London Face series, each item she had spotted while walking through London, photographed and sketched in her books. The inanimate became an emotional idea, de-scribing more than its three-dimensional shape. She links this emotion to our human form and presence, casting a light on the normally unseen world around us.

“I have this theory that everything is determined by climate which in turn means people look like where they live. Having the absolute luxury of going from one of the most thriving, busy cities, London, to a quiet, beautiful house at the end of a village has really allowed me to witness the massive contrasts in not only every aspect of everyday life, but also in people”

‘In a time when face to face interaction is decreasing & people are creating their own online identities - portraits from life are ‘human’, ‘real’, ‘tangible’, ‘can’t be reproduced’. Making faces out of London takes the opposite stance - these paintings aren’t about the individual, more the city dweller.”

High quality Giclée print on fine art paper, unframed. Using this technique provides longevity to the art piece that will be with you for years to come.

Dimensions: 46cm x 40cm (including 2cm white border).

76cm x 66cm print (including 3cm white border).

Limited edition run of 350.