MIRANDA BENZIES "Waterloo Bridge"

MIRANDA BENZIES "Waterloo Bridge"


“Living in London the London Face paintings are a response to my surroundings.” - Miranda Benzies

In this series Miranda combines London architecture and human faces to create anthropomorphic landscapes.  She explores the relationship between people and their environment in the city, how at once they are interwoven – the architecture tells a story of people who have built, lived and worked in the city since the Romans, and how there is an unease, the city can be a harsh, anonymous and unnatural place to live.

Working from sketches, photographs and memory Miranda aimed to capture the clashing harmony of the old and new and our relationship with the ever-changing urban landscape.

Limited edition run of 350

Dimensions: 82cm x 52cm (including 3cm white border)

High quality giclée print on fine art paper, unframed. Using this technique provides longevity to the art piece that will be with you for years to come.

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