The Art and Life of Miranda Benzies

The Art and Life of Miranda Benzies


The Art and Life of Miranda Benzies is a hardback art book, written and compiled by her husband Matt. It contains 114 printed pages and displays the majority of her paintings as well as a selection of her sketches and other artwork.

The book contains stories from her life, which give an impression of what she was like and her journey as an artist. The second part of the book is written by Miranda herself, using extracts from her diaries which show the challenges of being an artist as well as giving first hand descriptions of her artwork.

​This book is intended for those who knew Miranda, and also for those who didn't, to tell the tragic story of a talented and extraordinary young woman who gave so much and touched so many people during her life.

​A percentage of profits from the sale of the book will go towards Miranda's Fund.

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